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SAMs Reagents and Surface Modification Molecules constitute our central product portfolio focused on fundamental approach of applied surface chemistry to rationally design, alter, modify or protect genuine material surface.

For more than two decades now, ProChimia has been leading in the area of surface functionalization using a wide variety of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on either planar substrates or nanoscopic objects. Capitalizing on our own expertise as well as the technology we developed jointly with leading research teams worldwide, we are proud to offer thioldithioldithiolanesilanecatechol, thiophosphonates and other ligands that form excellent quality SAMs on metals, glasses, polymers or oxide surfaces. Our offer includes:

  • ligands that form SAMs resistant to protein and cell adsorption/adhesion
  • ligands with functional end-groups to which molecules of interest (proteins, oligopeptides, DNA, small molecules) can be covalently linked
  • components for charged, fluorescent, photoswitchable, and electoactive SAMs
  • ligands incorporating chemical moieties, mimicking in vivo interactions (thiolated carbohydrates, GRGD peptyde
  • coupling molecules that can be used as linkers between SAMs on nanoparticles (for nanoparticle self-assembly)
  • custom-made ligands for virtually any monolayer one can conceive


Since successful use of SAMs depends crucially on the purity of the constituent molecules, we have developed special synthetic schemes and purification procedures to ensure that our products are as pure as possible – hence, we call them Ultrapure Grade, and we mean it! Needless to say, our products are always fresh when they reach our clients and, to preserve their longevity, are packed in gas-tight tubes under argon. 


We invite you to take a minute and browse our online catalog. To learn more about any specific compound and its suggested uses, please click on the 'DETAILS' button at the bottom of a corresponding molecule tile available under each left side compound cathegory. The ordering procedure is explained under How to order drop down menu. Customers wishing to learn more about the chemistry and specific properties of monolayers are directed to the QnA page or to our most cited review from Current Organic Chemistry 


Finally, if the compounds you are interested in are not on our list, please contact us by following the CUSTOM PRODUCT INQUIRE button placed at the bottom of each product description table. It is likely we may already have them, or we can synthesize them for you on a custom basis: 

  • rapidly,
  • cost-effectively and ...
  • very, very pure.