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Custom Synthesis

ProChimia offers comprehensive custom synthesis services from initial design of synthetic schemes though empirical proof-of-concept phase to final product synthesis and characterisation. We synthesize single compounds (on scales from micrograms to hundreds of grams) or small targeted libraries.

Our specialty fields include sulphur, nitrogen, phosphorus and silicon containing organics.

The compounds, we deliver to our customers are fully structurally characterized (1H and 13C NMR, MS, IR optical purity).

ProChimia Surfaces specialists have more that 15-year-long experience in custom synthesis services mastered by hundreds of successfully completed synthesis contracts worldwide.

In addition, we synthesize various types and sizes of metal or oxide nanostructures including spherical particles, rods, triangles, etc. These constructs can be functionalized – as desired by our customers – with virtually any of our small-molecule ligands.

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Route of Synthesis (RoS) Redesign

Most usually the initial pioneer route of synthesis used to prepare a few milligrams of unique molecule is not suitable to prepare hundreds or even thousands of grams of commercially available target compound. ProChimia experienced staff will redesign and adapt given synthesis to smart, tailored process that fits in changing demands.

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Process Research and Development

Many already existing synthetic processes still include some problematic transitions or steps missing superior optimalisation. ProChimia offers a comprehensive process development services supported by both: unique in silico tools and in-house team experience. Our carefully evolved procedure covers all aspects of rational synthetic process development. We research and select critical parameters of the process, reaction progress, kinetics, byproducts/impurities profile and respective purification issues. All this efforts assisted by suited analytics lead to supreme process control and performance.

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Existing Process Scale up

Reproducing a demonstrated route of synthesis in a large scale is most likely a complex matter that requires industrial technology know-how besides theory and laboratory skills. Along the scaling up Prochimia specialists will identify and solve the issues referring to scale, methodology, safety and environment. We have an experience in transferring scaled up processes to a GMP-certified production plants.

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Supply Contract Service

Based on years of continuous production experience and shared intellectual resources, ProChimia offers and deliver high quality chemicals and key components on the basis of Supply Contracts to several business partners.