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HS-(CH2)11-O-CH2-C6F5 (FO 003)


Because of their intriguing inertness, stability, and potential use as nano-scale corrosion inhibitors, interest in the study of SAMs generated from the adsorption of partially fluorinated alkanethiols or alkyldisulfides onto the surface of gold has garnered substantial interest. [1-6] These studies have found that monolayers films derived from fluorinated alkanethiols are generally robust and essentially defect-free, with the perfluorocarbon segment adopting a helical conformation and possessing a larger van der Waals diameter (ca.5.8 Å ) than those of trans-extended hydrocarbon chains(ca 4.2 Å ). [7-9] As a result, the perfluorocarbon helix augments the film rigidity compared with corresponding hydrocarbon chains, [10] further enhancing their inertness [5] and thereby contributing to their resistance to oxidation [11] and degradation. [12 – 14]. General, SAMs generated from partially fluorinated alkanethiols are highly hydrophobic with contact angels of water in the range 90-120 according to detail structure.

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