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(-S-(CH2)11-EGnOCH2CHO)2 (DI 004)


This reactive, aldehyde-terminated disulfide is a ideal to to covalently anchor amino-containing molecules, including enzymes and antibodies, to gold surfaces (cf. Horton, R.C.; Herne, T.M.; Myles, D.C. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1997, 119, 12980). At the same time, the (ethylene glycol) linker prevents nonspecific adsorption onto the SAM. A great buy!

Standard Products

name catalog no. m n weight price
(SC11-EGOCH2CHO)2 DI 004-n1-0.05 1 50 mg Log in to see the prices
(SC11-EGOCH2CHO)2 DI 004-n1-0.2 1 200 mg
(SC11-EGOCH2CHO)2 DI 004-n1-0.5 1 500 mg
(SC11-EG2OCH2CHO)2 DI 004-n2-0.05 2 50 mg
(SC11-EG2OCH2CHO)2 DI 004-n2-0.2 2 200 mg
(SC11-EG2OCH2CHO)2 DI 004-n2-0.5 2 500 mg
(SC11-EG4OCH2CHO)2 DI 004-n4-0.05 4 50 mg
(SC11-EG4OCH2CHO)2 DI 004-n4-0.2 4 200 mg
(SC11-EG4OCH2CHO)2 DI 004-n4-0.5 4 500 mg

Custom synthesis variants

This product is also available on custom synthesis basis, in the following variants:

n: 3, 5

Note, if none of the listed structures fit your specific requirements, please submit your own structure formula within our custom synthesis contact form by clicking button below.

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