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AcS-(CH2)11-EGn (PR 001)


These acetyl-protected thiols are not only stable forms of the corresponding thiols, but can also be used to prepare excellent-quality SAMs in situ (with NH4OH or even from ethanolic solution alone, cf. Tour et al. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 117, 9529, 1995). Great buy!

Standard Products

name catalog no. m n weight price
AcSC11EG2 PR 001-n2-0.2 2 200 mg Log in to see the prices
AcSC11EG2 PR 001-n2-0.5 2 500 mg
AcSC11EG3 PR 001-n3-0.2 3 200 mg
AcSC11EG3 PR 001-n3-0.5 3 500 mg
AcSC11EG4 PR 001-n4-0.2 4 200 mg
AcSC11EG4 PR 001-n4-0.5 4 500 mg
AcSC11EG5 PR 001-n5-0.2 5 200 mg
AcSC11EG5 PR 001-n5-0.5 5 500 mg
AcSC11EG5 PR 001-n5-1 5 1 g
AcSC11EG6 PR 001-n6-0.2 6 200 mg
AcSC11EG6 PR 001-n6-0.5 6 500 mg
AcSC11EG6 PR 001-n6-1 6 1 g

Custom synthesis variants

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