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HS-(CH2)m-Triphenylimidazole (FL 003)


This unique thiol - developed and patented by ProChimia - is excited in the UV and fluoresces very brightly in the blue. Gives very bright fuorescence even on dry monolayers and on nanoparticles! If you would like to tether the triphenylimidazole chromophore onto different types of substrates, please inquire with us for available end-groups and custom synthesis options.

Standard Products

name catalog no. m n weight price
HS-C11-O-TPI FL 003-m11-0.05 11 50 mg Log in to see the prices
HS-C11-O-TPI FL 003-m11-0.1 11 100 mg

Custom synthesis variants

This product is also available on custom synthesis basis, in the following variants:

m: 10, 12, 16, 17

Note, if none of the listed structures fit your specific requirements, please submit your own structure formula within our custom synthesis contact form by clicking button below.

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