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HS-(CH2)11-PO(OH)2 (FT 014)


This "close companion" of our SO3- product has been used for oriented growth of calcite, vaterite and aragonite crystals on SAMs (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 121, 4500-4509, 1999; J. Mat. Chem. 8, 641-650, 1998), for functionalization of nanoparticles for heavy-metal removal (Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 847, 305-310, 2005), and for self-assembly of multilayer structures through zirconium bridging (Langmuir 6, 1567-71, 1990). In addition, since the phosphonic group has two pKa's (pKa1=0.9 and pKa2=5.6) this thiol is an interesting candidate for making pH-sensitive SAMs.

Standard Products

name catalog no. m n weight price
HSC11-POOH2 FT 014-0.2 200 mg Log in to see the prices
HSC11-POOH2 FT 014-0.5 500 mg
HSC11-POOH2 FT 014-1 1 g

Custom synthesis variants

This product is also available on custom synthesis basis, in the following variants:

m: -
n: n/a

Note, if none of the listed structures fit your specific requirements, please submit your own structure formula within our custom synthesis contact form by clicking button below.

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