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Ag-S-(CH2)10-COOH (NP CI 003-075)


In addition to all the properties of their Au counterparts (cf. product Au_55_C10COOH), silver nanoparticles are efficient antibacterial agents. While structurally stable for months, they slowly release Ag+ cations which interact with sulfhydryl groups of proteins (Ann. Pharmacother. 2001, 35, 1255) causing their denaturation (J. Hosp. Infect. 2006, 62, 58; Biomaterials 2004, 25, 1319) and with bacterial DNA impeding its replication. Coatings based on silver particles are currently used in a variety of medical and consumer products including catheters, surgical masks, suture threads, wound creams and dressings, cell phones (Motorola), and recently in FDA approved food packaging. The image above illustrates antibacterial activity (evidenced by the zones of inhibition around NP-coated plastic disks) of the Boutique’s Ag/COOH NPs against both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.






SPR Maximum



H2O, MetOH, EtOH

Standard Products

name catalog no. size color dispersity volume concentration price
Ag_55_C10COOH NP CI 003-075 5.5nm yellow 15% 7.5mL 2.4 x 1014 NPs/mL Log in to see the prices
Ag_55_C10COOH NP CI 003-150 5.5nm yellow 15% 15mL 2.4 x 1014 NPs/mL

Custom synthesis variants

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