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I·Geneer kit
I·Geneer kit (NP IG 001-05)


The I·Geneer kit is designed for highly specific, inducible in vitro DNA cleavage, mediated by Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complex (RNP). The kit contains all components for preparation of a dedicated Nanotranducer (NT) that is ready for coupling the His-tagged Cas9/dCas9 endonuclease. The formed NT-RNP complexes may be used for in vitro cleavage of target DNA templates under inducing conditions of laser light or increased temperature.





1 x 1013 particles / ml

Hydrodynamic diameter

23 nm (+/- 2 nm)

SPR Maximum

522 nm

Standard Products

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IĀ·Geneer kit NP IG 001-05 5 reactions Log in to see the prices

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