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(-S-(CH2)m-Benzoquinone)2 (TE 007)


New candidate for electrochemistry research -  the benzoquinone, an oxidized hydroquinone alternative with support of alkane disulfide backbone for effective self assembly is now available from ProChimia. Similar to our product TE 004 this unique molecule may further help to investigate the nature of interfacial redox processes, e.g., electron-transfer kinetics between the redox center and the electrode, within a controlled chemical microenvironment of resulting SAM or nanoparticle stabilizing corona.  

Standard Products

name catalog no. m n weight price
Benzoquinone-(CH2)6-S-S-(CH2)6-Beznoquinone TE 007-m6-0.02 6 20 mg Log in to see the prices
Benzoquinone-(CH2)6-S-S-(CH2)6-Beznoquinone TE 007-m6-0.05 6 50 mg

Custom synthesis variants

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