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HS-(CH2)m-O-Disperse Red 1
HS-(CH2)m-O-Disperse Red 1 (FL 005)


ProChimia's novel thiolated fluorescent ligand representing benchmark dipolar chromophore exhibiting maximum absobtion at lambda max of 502 nm and fluorescence emission in the red range of 600 nm. 

Standard Products

name catalog no. m n weight price
HS-11-O-Disperse Red 1 FL 005-m11-0.02 11 20 mg Log in to see the prices
HS-11-O-Disperse Red 1 FL 005-m11-0.05 11 50 mg
HS-11-O-Disperse Red 1 FL 005-m11-0.1 11 100 mg
HS-C6-O-Disperse Red 1 FL 005-m6-0.02 6 20 mg
HS-C6-O-Disperse Red 1 FL 005-m6-0.05 6 50 mg
HS-C6-O-Disperse Red 1 FL 005-m6-0.1 6 100 mg

Custom synthesis variants

This product is also available on custom synthesis basis, in the following variants:

m: 10, 12

Note, if none of the listed structures fit your specific requirements, please submit your own structure formula within our custom synthesis contact form by clicking button below.

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