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HS-(CH2)m-EGn-OH (TH 001)


The most commonly used thiols for the preparation of adsorption-resistant SAMs on gold or other metals (e.g., Ag, Pd, Cu). Ideal as bio-inert background in cell patterning/ spreading studies (Chen et al. Science 276, 1425, 1997), SPR experiments (Mrksich & Whitesides Ann. Rev. Biophys. Biomol. Struct. 25, 55, 1996, Lahiri et al. Langmuir 15, 7186, 1999), protein microarrays (Schaeferling et al. Electrophoresis 23, 3097, 2002) and more.

Resistivity to protein adsorption is similar for different numbers of EG units. Ostuni et al. (Langmuir 17, 5605, 2001) reported the protein adsorptivity of 0.2 % ML (percent monolayer) for pure EG3 SAM. For mixed 1:1 EG/COOH SAMs (cf. Cat. # TH 003) the adsorptivities were: (i) fibrinogen, 1.6 % ML for EG3 and 0.4 % ML for EG6 (ii) Lysozyme, 1.0 % ML for EG3 and 1.0 % ML for EG6. Monolayers prepared from our thiols have even better characteristics with (~0.1 %ML for pure EGn monolayers).

One of the most exciting applications of EG thiols is in the preparation of substrates for cell patterning. This is commonly done by first micropatterning (either by micro contact printing or the ASOMIC technique; cf. scheme below and also Kandere-Grzybowska et al. Nature Methods 2, 739, 2005) an array of cell-adhesive islands of desired shapes and dimensions, and then incubating the rest of the surface with an adhesion-resistant EG thiol. When cells are applied onto such a surface, they stick only to the islands and assume their shapes. In this way, populations of cells of minimal heterogeneity are prepared, and the influence of geometry on cell functioning can be studied in quantitative detail. In their seminal paper (C.S. Chen et al. Science 276, 1425, 1997), Whitesides and Ingber have shown how shape modification can control apoptosis. More recently (Nature Methods 2, 739, 2005), Borisy and Grzybowski groups have demonstrated how it can be used to adjust and control cytoskeletal functions in living cells. The picture below provides a colorful illustration of this capability, with a B16F1 cell made triangular and then fluorescently labeled for microtubules (green), actin stress fibers (blue) and focal adhesions (red).

Notes: (1) The key to successful use of EG monolayers for cell studies is their low cytotoxicity. ProChimia developed special purification methods to ensure that its thiols are extremely "cell friendly". (2) For maximal contrast between the cell islands and the bioresistant portion of the surface surrounding these islands, we recommend the EG6 thiol. (3) Please note that as of May 2006, ProChimia also offers a selection of high-quality gold substrates and PDMS stamps for cell micropatterning. Please contact one of our offices to learn about specific products.

Standard Products

name catalog no. m n weight price
HS-C11-EG TH 001-m11.n1-0.2 11 1 200 mg Log in to see the prices
HS-C11-EG TH 001-m11.n1-0.5 11 1 500 mg
HS-C11-EG TH 001-m11.n1-1 11 1 1 g
HS-C11-EG2 TH 001-m11.n2-0.2 11 2 200 mg
HS-C11-EG2 TH 001-m11.n2-0.5 11 2 500 mg
HS-C11-EG2 TH 001-m11.n2-1 11 2 1 g
HS-C11-EG3 TH 001-m11.n3-0.2 11 3 200 mg
HS-C11-EG3 TH 001-m11.n3-0.5 11 3 500 mg
HS-C11-EG3 TH 001-m11.n3-1 11 3 1 g
HS-C11-EG4 TH 001-m11.n4-0.2 11 4 200 mg
HS-C11-EG4 TH 001-m11.n4-0.5 11 4 500 mg
HS-C11-EG4 TH 001-m11.n4-1 11 4 1 g
HS-C11-EG5 TH 001-m11.n5-0.2 11 5 200 mg
HS-C11-EG5 TH 001-m11.n5-0.5 11 5 500 mg
HS-C11-EG5 TH 001-m11.n5-1 11 5 1 g
HS-C11-EG6 TH 001-m11.n6-0.2 11 6 200 mg
HS-C11-EG6 TH 001-m11.n6-0.5 11 6 500 mg
HS-C11-EG6 TH 001-m11.n6-1 11 6 1 g
HS-C6-EG2 TH 001-m6.n2-0.2 6 2 200 mg
HS-C6-EG2 TH 001-m6.n2-0.5 6 2 500 mg
HS-C6-EG3 TH 001-m6.n3-0.2 6 3 200 mg
HS-C6-EG3 TH 001-m6.n3-0.5 6 3 500 mg
HS-C6-EG4 TH 001-m6.n4-0.2 6 4 200 mg
HS-C6-EG4 TH 001-m6.n4-0.5 6 4 500 mg
HS-C6-EG6 TH 001-m6.n6-0.2 6 6 200 mg
HS-C6-EG6 TH 001-m6.n6-0.5 6 6 500 mg

Custom synthesis variants

This product is also available on custom synthesis basis, in the following variants:

m: 3, 5, 8
n: 8, 12

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