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Last modified: 2020-11-23 21:12:23

ProChimia manufactured multi-sulfonated ligands on gold nanoparticles are virucidal to Dengue virus - Nature Scientific Report available Now !

Together with our valued collaborators we report two new candidates of Anti Dengue Virus activity exihibiting the low toxicity profile and the virucidal rather than virustatic interaction with the DENV-2 virion particles underlining their potential as candidate for in-depth studies in future in vivo experiments.

To follow this research, set up your own experiments and see in detail the specific ligands being used, plese visit the Thiolated Carbohydrates section of ProChimia  on-line catalog.

Most likely it is time to focus our nano-oriented attention to new pandemic agent SARS Cov-2!

To cite us please use the following referece: Zacheo, A., Hodek, J., Witt, D. et al. Multi-sulfonated ligands on gold nanoparticles as virucidal antiviral for Dengue virus. Sci Rep 10, 9052 (2020).

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