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HS-(CH2)m-COO-Coumarin-7-O(CH2)9-CH3Product structure:Detailed information:
Standard products:m: 10
Description:Just launched, great offer of unique coumarin-4-ylmethyl photocleavablethiol for UV-patterned SAMs specialists! The photo-cleavable protecting groups are called "phototriggers"or "caging groups". Coumarin-4-ylmethyls are phototriggers with higher efficiencies than others such 2-nitro-benzyls, enabling the incident light intensity for the uncaging reaction to be lowered. It leads to minimization of protected functionality damage with maintaining higher spatial and temporal resolution. The coumarin-type cages have been successfully applied to protect phosphates [1, 2], amines [3], carboxylates [4], alcohols and phenols [5]. The 11-sulfanylundecanoic acid 7-decyloxy-2-oxo-2H-chromen-4-ylmethyl ester (Cat No.PC 001-m10-0.05, PC 001-m10-0.1) after uncaging reaction (350 nm irradiation) provides carboxyl group at the surface of SAMs available for interaction or further functionalization. These coumarin-type phototriggers were also applied for modification of SAMs surfaces properties [6-8]. Using irradiation with light to alter the cell adhesiveness of a substrate surface allows for patterning of cell cultures in various shapes and sizes without compromising the bioinert character of the non-irradiated regions.

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m Compound Cat. No. Weight
10 HS-C10-COO-coumarin-7-O-C9-Me PC 001-m10-0.05 50 mgPrice
PC 001-m10-0.1 100 mgPrice

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