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Graphene derivatives

Graphene is a monolayer platelet (flake) of graphite available through either a mechanical cleaving of HOPG (highly oriented pyrolytic graphite) sample using deposition of hexagonal carbon layer from vapors (i.e. CVD). Graphene platelets (flakes) have a form of stacks of up to 10 graphene monolayers. Their size may range from a few nanometers to a dozen micrometers while the interlayer distance ranges from 0.35 to 0.40 nm. Such graphene platelets are being manufactured from powdered graphite. ProChimia offers very well characterized graphene derivatives.

FL-RGO (5-7% Reduced Graphene Oxide content; water-based paste)Product structure:

Compound Cat. No. Weight
FL-RGO GD 001-0.2 200 mgPrice
GD 001-1 1 gPrice
GD 001-5 5 gPrice

FL-GO (1% Graphene Oxide content; water suspension)Product structure:

Compound Cat. No. Weight
FL-GO GD 002-0.2 200 mgPrice
GD 002-1 1 gPrice
GD 002-5 5 gPrice

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