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Alkylphosphonic and alkylphosphoric acids are less often characterized compared to silanes and thiols, but they are the becoming of great practical interest because of their ability to produce SAMs on a range of metal oxide surfaces (TiO2 [1], ZrO2 [2], Al2O3 [2], Ta2O5 [2], Nb2O5 [2], ITO[3], MgO[4] ect.). The reaction of long-chain alkylphosphonic [5] or phosphoric [6] acids with metal oxide supports leads to dense, well-ordered SAMs. Phosphonates and phosphonic acids form SAMs on metal surfaces by the formation of metal-O-P bonds. The deposition technique is based on SAMs made from aqueous alkyl phosphate solutions, which has the advantage of not using organic solvents [2]. However, well-ordered SAMs can be also obtained from organic solutions as well. Advantages of these SAMs compared to silane ones are a higher hydrolytic stability under physiological conditions and the fact that no surface conditioning (i.e., acid treatment) is required to obtain high coverage[7]. We have developed the a range of alkylthiophosphates bearing additional functional groups (OH, EG3OH, NH2, COOH, CONHS) at terminal position, what allows further elaboration of SAMs by chemical attachment of relevant molecules.

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(HO)2-PO-S-(CH2)16-OHProduct structure:

Compound Cat. No. Weight
(HO)2-PO-S-C16-OH PO 001-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 001-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 001-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 001-1 1 gPrice

(HO)2-PO-S-(CH2)m-COOHProduct structure:Detailed information:
Standard products:m: 10, 15

m Compound Cat. No. Weight
10 (HO)2-PO-S-C10-COOH PO 002-m10-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 002-m10-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 002-m10-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 002-m10-1 1 gPrice
15 (HO)2-PO-S-C15-COOH PO 002-m15-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 002-m15-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 002-m15-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 002-m15-1 1 gPrice

(HO)2-PO-S-(CH2)m-COONHSProduct structure:Detailed information:
Standard products:m: 10, 15

m Compound Cat. No. Weight
10 (HO)2-PO-S-C10-COONHS PO 003-m10-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 003-m10-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 003-m10-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 003-m10-1 1 gPrice
15 (HO)2-PO-S-C15-COONHS PO 003-m15-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 003-m15-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 003-m15-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 003-m15-1 1 gPrice

(HO)2-PO-S-(CH2)16-NH2Product structure:

Compound Cat. No. Weight
(HO)2-PO-S-C16-NH2 PO 004-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 004-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 004-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 004-1 1 gPrice

(HO)2-PO-(CH2)17-MeProduct structure:

Compound Cat. No. Weight
(HO)2-PO-C17-Me PO 005-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 005-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 005-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 005-1 1 gPrice

(HO)2-PO-S-(CH2)m-MeProduct structure:Detailed information:
Standard products:m: 15, 17

m Compound Cat. No. Weight
15 (HO)2-PO-S-C15-Me PO 006-m15-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 006-m15-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 006-m15-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 006-m15-1 1 gPrice
17 (HO)2-PO-S-C17-Me PO 006-m17-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 006-m17-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 006-m17-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 006-m17-1 1 gPrice

(HO)2-PO-S-(CH2)11-EGn-OHProduct structure:Detailed information:
Standard products:n: 3, 6

n Compound Cat. No. Weight
3 (HO)2-PO-S-C11-EG3-OH PO 007-n3-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 007-n3-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 007-n3-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 007-n3-1 1 gPrice
6 (HO)2-PO-S-C11-EG6-OH PO 007-n6-0.1 100 mgPrice
PO 007-n6-0.2 200 mgPrice
PO 007-n6-0.5 500 mgPrice
PO 007-n6-1 1 gPrice

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